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Since 1993, Town Peddler dealers have gotten their share of $44 MILLION. Congratulations - you’ve taken the first step toward becoming the next member of the Town Peddler family of dealers!


Starting & running a business can be a daunting task…finding the right location, marketing and advertising to the right customers, hiring the right staff, dealing with sales taxes and fees...whew! It’s no wonder so many people with great products like yours get discouraged from starting or expanding their business. But you don’t have to miss out, because there is a place where all this is taken care of - the Town Peddler® Craft and Antique Mall!


Start building your successful future

Every day, Town Peddler Partner Dealers turn what started as hobbies into profitable businesses. They benefit from all of Town Peddler’s advantages as a successful retailer; an excellent location, targeted marketing, professional staff, and an established brand. With Town Peddler, you can focus on your business and turn your hobby into a dream come true.


Freedom and satisfaction

With your booth at Town Peddler you’ll have the satisfaction of being in business for yourself, and the freedom in knowing that you can focus on what you do best.  Don’t worry about being present to ring up sales; that’s what we do for you. Don’t worry about paying sales taxes on what you sell from your booth; that’s what we do for you. Your customers will be able to pay with credit cards, debit cards and checks, and you’ll never have to worry about a declined card or a returned check.


The right fit for you

You’ll find exactly the right booth space for your product, since you can choose from a variety of booth sizes, rates and durations to fit every product and budget. Your products will be on display 7 days a week before thousands of customers. You will have the advantage of featuring your products in the largest location (over 24,000 square feet) with the most experience and know-how to unlock your profit-making potential. 


The Town Peddler Advantage

  • Open 7 days a week, year-round, with extended Holiday Season hours

  • Over 24,000 square feet of shopping space

  • The First and Best Location in Michigan, in one of the highest-traffic areas of Southeast Michigan

  • Pre-constructed booths are provided for your merchandise in a variety of sizes to meet your needs

  • You are not required to be present to ring up your sales, so you can focus on your product

  • Personal checks and major credit cards are accepted on your behalf

  • We collect and distribute all sales taxes

  • We pay you monthly for your sales: our dealer's checks have ALWAYS been ready ON TIME!

  • You'll benefit from the most comprehensive targeted advertising program in the industry

  • You

  • You'll learn proven merchandising and pricing techniques in the “Dealer Success Summit” Training Seminar so you canget the most out of your booth’s business - a Town Peddler EXCLUSIVE

  • Print barcoded price tags, check your sales, and plan your restock 24 hours a day with our online inventory management system


Booth Sizes and Rates

Rates for booths range from $89 per month. Booth sizes range from 1x2 to 6x8 and up (exact dimensions may vary slightly). Typical sizes and monthly rates are:            

       1x2:  $89           3x4: $129          3x5: $139

2x4 End: $139         3x8: $219          3x6: $159

        4x6: $199        4x8: $249          6x8: $319

   Note: Availability may be limited on certain sizes. Please inquire for rates of Antique Booths.

  • A security deposit is required, and monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month, payable by cash, check, or automatic bank account debit

  • 10% surcharge on all sales*

  • Keep your booth stocked, take advantage of the dealer training programs, and watch your sales GROW!


Again, thank you for your inquiry! You will receive an email shortly that will give you access to our dealer application, and soon your journey to success will begin! If you have further questions, please contact us!

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*Standard rate of 10% based on qualifying factors – please ask for details.

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