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Estate Consultation Services

When the time comes for families to begin the process of downsizing, breaking up a collection or distributing an estate, Town Peddler can help!

Do you have antique or vintage items that you want to learn more about?

  • Certified Appraiser On Staff - call (734) 513-2577 for an appointment

  • “Ask the Expert” events 2x annualy- free verbal evaluations


Are you looking to sell? We are always on the lookout for quality items! Call (734) 513-2577 or contact us here.


Do you need extensive assistance? In-home consultation services are available. We will help you:

  • Create an inventory of your collection

  • Estimate values based on condition, demand and market trends

  • Create an individualized plan for liquidation of your items


Call (734) 513-2577 or click here to discover all your options!

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