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For dealers using the barcode/inventory system:

If you see on your sales reports stock numbers (full or partial) along with the codes DNS or NI in the "Item Description" column, it means there was an issue with your barcode and we had to hand-key the item, which slows down the checkout process. Here are what the codes mean: 

  • DNS (Did Not Scan): your printer is not printing barcodes clearly enough for the scanners to read. Please note that the recommended type of printer for printing barcode labels is a laser printer. Click Here for a cost-effective recommendation. We've also noticed readablilty issues with "off-brand" labels; the recommended label is Avery. Items that do not scan will be sold but are not removed from your online inventory. 

  • NI (No Inventory): the barcode was readable but there is a quantity of ZERO for that stock ID in the inventory system. Please note that to add restock inventory, use the "New Inventory" page; when you add the items, you must click save and generate barcode PDF or save and new at the bottom of the page for your stock quantities to be updated. Simply re-printing old barcodes will not update the quantities for restock. 


If you are receiving either of these codes in your item descriptions, please correct the issue ASAP. If you have further questions, please review the training videos or contact the store. Thanks!

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