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Town Peddler exists to connect you to a community of artists, craftspeople, and antique & vintage merchants.

Our mission is to inspire you to make your home and the gifts you give as unique as you are.



"Just love this place. it’s huge so have some time to look for treasures. Great staff, very helpful...will contact vendors for you if you have questions. Love to shop there for the holidays and support local dealers. Highly recommend!" - Lori H

"Friendly service, great hours and unique finds. When I’m looking for stocking stuffers, or a gift for a teacher, friend, hostess or an adult/child’s birthday- this is my go-to stop." - Maureen K, Livonia

Went back 3 times in one week. If you're a collector, or just looking for original souvenirs, that one item missing in your collection or some alternative interior decorations or a nice gift...in this shop you'll find something. - Rudy H, Munich, Germany